Booksellers: How You Save Time & Money with Pubnet

Who should use Pubnet?

Pubnet is for established booksellers who want to save money by increasing their internal ordering efficiencies and expanding their direct ordering to a wider network of publishers, lowering their cost of goods sold even further.

If you can answer “yes” to these questions, then Pubnet is for you:

Have you already opened some direct accounts with publishers?

Do you want to reduce your cost of inventory by increasing the amount of direct ordering from a wider network of publishers?

Do you want to save time and reduce errors by automating and centralizing the flow of purchase orders, acknowledgments, and shipping notifications through your POS system?

Do you use one of these common POS systems which are capable of sending and receiving documents via EDI?






Bookstore Manager




Nebraska Book Company




What does it cost for booksellers to use Pubnet?

After a one-time setup fee of $75.00, Pubnet is free to booksellers. In many cases the initial setup can be waived.

Is it hard to get started with Pubnet?

Dozens of booksellers join and successfully use Pubnet every year, but like learning any new system it does require an investment of your time. Check out our Quickstart Guide to Pubnet to see what’s involved.

If you do run into any problems (or simply have a question or two), our experienced support staff will be happy to set up a call where we can walk you through the process.

How do I join Pubnet?

It’s easy. Start by completing our Registration Form and we will take it from there.

Pubnet vs Pubeasy: Should I use both?

Some smaller retailers can satisfy their direct ordering needs with Pubeasy alone. But if you have an EDI-capable POS system and want to order from many suppliers, then Pubnet will be an invaluable add-on for you. Pubnet users can still use Pubeasy to check price, availability, and order status through our secure website. Many retailers use both.

Find out more about Pubeasy here.

More Questions?

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions or Contact us today to get to find out how to grow your business with Pubnet and Pubeasy.