What Is a SAN?

SAN stands for Standard Address Number. It is a unique seven-digit number used to signify a specific address of an organization involved in the publishing industry: bookstores, publishers, distributors, etc.

The use of SANs reduces billing errors, books shipped to the wrong points, errors in payments and returns.

How Do I Get a SAN? Do I Have to Pay for It?

SANs ordinarily cost $150 from the SAN agency (Bowker), but if you do not have one MVB will provide it to you at no charge.

Do I Need a SAN?

You will need a SAN to register for Pubnet and some publishers may require one to create an account. You do not need a SAN to use Pubeasy or to order from Ingram.

What If I Move My Store?

To update your SAN record, write to Request the change and provide the updated address.

What If I Open a Second Location?

You will need a second SAN if you want separate invoicing and/or shipping for your second location. If all shipments/invoices will continue to go to your first store, then you won’t need a second SAN.

How Do I Use My SAN?

Send it to your existing publishing vendors and add it to your Credit Sheet to use when opening new vendor accounts. You will also need it if you utilize Pubnet to set up EDI ordering through your POS.

How Do I View My Record in the SAN Database?

The SAN agency offers a free lookup tool available to the public here: